artisan partners    


Sharing the Dream promotes sustainable fair trade by providing fair wages and employment opportunities to low-income artisans in Guatemala. They work with over 20 cooperatives and small businesses that use traditional Maya techniques to create unique, handmade products. The purchase of these crafts not only provides an income for these artisans, but also supports community development projects such as: an elder center that feeds and provides medical care for over 60 Maya elders, educational scholarships for elementary, middle and high school students, and financial support for a medical center and a health promoter in the jungle.



Haiti Mama works as a community to take children living on the streets or in orphanages and reunite them with their families. Working collaboratively, they provide parents and children with means and methods to thrive as a family unit. This includes training parents and teens to generate income through the creation and sale of handmade jewelry and metal art. Haiti Mama also provides disability care to neglected children while revolutionizing the social services sector in Haiti.



Our mission driven brand, the Madres Collective, launched in 2011 in a rural mountain community in the Dominican Republic. Our goal was and is empower women to rise above poverty through fair wages and dignified employment. Since launching, we have watched our artisan be empowered to leave abusive relationships, keep their children in school and even graduate from university. While we have expanded beyond the Dominican Republic, we continue to partner and employ our original group of artisans.